Your Domain Name Registration

By Nadia Sahari

Author, Podcaster, Entrepreneur,

Start thinking about your domain name prior to publishing your book. First of all, decide on your domain name before you launch your author website, not a bad idea to decide soon because website development, not only includes domain name, but the template you will use, the color, the style, WordPress or Wix, etc…

Purchase the new the domain name for a year or two. Most Registrants like Godaddy offer special deals for two or three years. You must on a regular basis pay attention to the due date or place your account domain name on what they call AUTO RENEW.

Your credit card will automatically be charged and prevent any loss of website or domain name that you registered.

DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE PURCHASE YOUR DOMAIN NAME. Take full ownership and control by owning it, paying for it, and updated it. Use your email address, and your own credit card. Remember, whomever pays for it, uses their email address owns it.

Here are a few great examples to use if possible:

Use your legal name or pseudonym to brand yourself for the many books you will publish, all within one website. Try not to use the title of your book for domain. Use one name for all your books and make it easy for your audience to search your domain name and find all your books in one place, one site. YOU want to brand yourself, do it with one domain name,,,,, your name and your favorite number.

Keep searching the possibilities, ask friends and family what would be the easiest to remember or the easiest to find on the internet.

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