Are you an indie author? Are you running around from one publishing house to the other, trying to find a publication interested in your book? If you have become bored of this constant charade of ‘to and fro’ between publishing houses, then it is time for you to look into the world of self-publications.


When you self- publish your book, you are in charge of the complete creative process, from the marketing and distribution of the book, all the way to keeping 100% of your profits to yourself. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, doesn’t it? We at Venus Moon help you to do just that. Or you can pay us to be your publisher, and we will make sure that everything related to the publication of your book, is undertaken by us. Naturally, we will keep you in the loop about the entire process. We also promise you that we will never make any decision without thoroughly consulting with you beforehand.


We take care of all the aspects of your self-published book. We ensure that every minute detail is taken care of, from the distribution and marketing of your book to providing an ebook conversion for a fee. We work hard to promote your book to the global market, as well as in places like online bookstores, brick and mortar stores, and libraries.

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To find out the best way to self-publish your book and the ways to go about it, contact us today, and be sure to market your book with the best in the business! support@venusmoonpress.com

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