Market your Book

In order for people to buy your book and purchase it, they need to know that it is available. Social media is the great way to do this. The more you do this the more the world knows you have a book. Marketing is the key to making your book’s availability known in order to make sales.


The more people are exposed to seeing your book, the more sales you will have. That’s when they decide to purchase it. Get the exposure by emailing friends and family, posting your book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the media possible. It will pay off.

Your book must be available for people to purchase. Readers all over the world need to see your book, and purchase it. Be sure it is available to multiple distributors, retailers, do not put any limitations on the availability of your book. With Venus Moon Press your book will be distributed worldwide and sold to over 39,000 retailers and libraries in person and online. We will cover all the bases for you, giving you exactly what you deserve to help make your dream come true, and SELL your book!

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